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Jun 12, 2017

Humane Be-In


if you want to see change you have to embody and Become the Change younwish to see in the world around you. This starts with baby steps and acts of rebellion against the statis quo👍🏽 engage others from the heart, find love in al things and be that love. unplug from all negativity and detox from toxic connections that never nourish your Soulscapes. Most importantly never give up on yourself thinking that will be when people come to your rescue= if you can not help yourself in this body of yours to liberate yourself and love yourself chamces are you will end up scaring away good ppl that are scared off by your 'broken' or 'fuck'd' attitude if that os all you are showing is hostile, critical, & angry mood swings. find a better way or reach out for help to get you on the right track. Please know CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU. ~ luvluvluv ~A~


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