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3 Tier Assessment Online Case study

a Comprehensive STAND ALONE service & also our first step with all

  • 3 hours 33 minutes
  • 60 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Truly~> this is a prerequisite to begin here with Primary Prevention Practitioner; it is a 3 step process that helps you engage your own efforts into the folds of understanding as you share as many details forthcoming about who you are, where you came from, what you do, and where you feel you want to go. Combine this with family history, medical history, and any other environmental factors these 3 stages/steps/tiers are as follows= 1) fill out forms as much as possible and return them 2) follow up with a phone call to go over what was sent in the forms and then it is processed 3) Skype M'n'G THIS ENTIRE PROCEDURE IS ONLINE AND IS HELPFUL TO TEACHING YOU WHERE YOUR BODY IS CURRENTLY AND HELPS YOU IDENTIFY YOUR OVER ALL COMPLEXITIES BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE THEM= Genetics, Environmental factors, Daily Stress factors, Diets, Spiritual & Emotional Triggers as well as Deficiency Aspects is all discusses and evaluated in order to create a WHOLISM BODY MAP which we then GIVE TO YOU along with your own BODY MAPPING JOURNAL which you fill out for a year in order to get deeper into SELF CARE. a truly PROFOUND first step to your own Personal Wellness Spirit Path Journey. SECRET BONUS PDF MANUAL SHARED as a complimentary gift to you. THIS IS A FUSION MEDICINE USING VIBRATIONAL MEDICINES, INTEGRATIVE MEDICINES, TRADITIONAL MEDICINES, as well as ENERGY MEDICINES to cultivate in the end of it all a DIY ROUTINE GUIDANCE SYSTEM GEARED SPECIFICALLY TO YOU using all these modalities, whic you learn about as you grow forward in your own uniquely tailored wellness formula. We share the Recipes and that is what you gain at the end of our 3 Tier Consult.

Contact Details

+ 6474651896

Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada more details upon appointment scheduling

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