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MicroSystem Seeds For Hands ONLINE class

Let us teach you about this very under-utilized ancient microsystem

  • 3 hours 33 minutes
  • $60

Service Description

Full protocol. Similar to the microsystem of the ear. WE TEACH YOU HOW TO SELF CARE ALLY YOURSELF WITH THIS AMAZING ON THE GO USABLE TREATMENT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF NON INVASIVELY. There are several Microsystems on the body. This one will focus on Tuina, Chinese Massage combined with using seeds on your meridian points that you can take home to further self treat. Great treatment for anyone who works with their hands, but also valid just for anyone who wants to SEE exactly what parts they need to treat and do so within their visual field, adding acupressure you are guided to do to your own hands with the seeds in specific places geared and formulated specifically to our current health profile leads to a unique and subtle vibrational healing experience EVERY TIME. if you are feeling sensitive to a body treatment this is a great alternative because we teach you to take your Medicine IN YOUR OWN 2 HANDS. A non-invasive gentle yet firm therapy only using the hands that we teach you VIA ONLINE PRIVATE CLASS,once you have received the order hand-seeds.

Contact Details

+ 6474651896

Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada more details upon appointment scheduling

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