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- About The Brand Reiki Infusion Solutions -
*& it's Creator*


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Ingredient Commitment


While working steadily to become a Metaphysician,
our soon-to-be Dr. & creator of this line:

Rev. Ay Ses Dunya M.Sc, HHP.AT

Simply HAD TO SHARE HER INSPIRATIONS...for you see she has been working diligently as well in other modalities of Traditional Healing Arts where she is a budding Herbalist working on her Master's in Herbology. It has brought out in her doctrine writing a concept she needed to bring to life. To take the inspiration and give it life. The conception was about taking her Qi Gong & Reiki Association practices into helping her facilitate in this time of SOCIAL DISTANCING a new refreshed take on DISTANCE REIKI. Using Quality OLD WORLD Herbal Alchemy Ay Ses has crafted over 20 body care internal & external products. Which she has made using Reiki/Qi-Gong Hybrid Infusion of Metaphysical energy we call Vibrational Medicine. After all products were made they all received further Reiki Infusion Sessions before being sold as a DISTANCE REIKI COMPANION product that comes with 20 Min. of INCLUDED DISTANCE REIKI. The receiver of the product simply contacts us here and we set up the best time for you to receive your personalized wherever you are DISTANCE REIKI TREATMENT. The product helps us CONNECT more effectively, therefore CHARGING our DISTANCE REIKI SESSION to the max. It is a new way to share an old Vibrational Medicine Traditional Healing Art Modality with a personal touch that is all about higher frequency and positive vibrational energy. We find the best result come when our body care is super charged with good Reiki Infusion.

Why Reiki Infusion Products?


For the ever-changing World, Ay Ses Dunya is forever seeking ways to incorporate good ideas into Traditional Healing Arts Modalities. This DISTANCE REIKI companions series is to promote Master-Teacher Ay Ses in her DISTANCE REIKI available sessions. In a peaceful passive manner that is a WIN/WIN situation. You purchase the body care Internal or External formula and it is both made with reiki love, but also comes with an included 20 Min DISTANCE REIKI SESSION that is set up with you via email to choose at your earliest convenience.

              This manner of infusing REIKI into the product as well as giving all the products a good full REIKI SESSION, as well as including a 20 DISTANCE REIKI SESSION creates this trifecta triple threat super charged REIKI INFUSION SOLUTIONS. To bring in Self-CARE with AT HOME DISTANCE REIKI HEALING to a whole other level. Are you feeling exhausted and fatigued? Maybe our REIKI INFUSION line is what you are looking for.



Cough Syrup

Wellness Cordial

Teas/Herbal Smoke Blends

Body Butter/Lip Balms

Smudging Creme/Spray/Serum

Hair/Skin Serums

All Herbal Oils, as well as our Herbal Tinctures, are made with both Wild Harvest of Peterborough Ontario Forests, as well as Store-bought bulk Dried Herbs,made in the Laboratory of Ay Ses.

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