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Welcome, i am posting this video to further the discussion on these, the adverse events of these experimental vaxxines and why it is imperative to now more than ever be pre cautious. Those who are vaxxinated with this experimental vax are now more contagious in their shedding phenomena than if they had the virus itself! The virus has a 99.95+% survival rate, while these cvd19 vaxxines have a 94% survival rate. is beyond maddening that people are agreeing to becoming a GMO humans WITHOUT the health and safety protocols in place with FDA approved items that meet our HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS. and it is the truth that in 1918, the last successfully pharma driven pandemic that hit was caused mostly from the shedding of soldiers who were inoculated with the very disease that cause the pandemic and that their shedding, along with the forced masked mandates making people sick with Bronchial Phnemonia, is the main culprits of all that death 100yrs ago and it seems because humans have a short is all now repeating itself in the 21st century...with a few variations which for that reason, many of us in the health care industry are very concerned for good reason! please, find a way to see, the way through this is not to deny it, and just because the big pharma have zero liability does not mean they are not doing damage. it is not as though you can just wish away the truth of the death tolls and adverse reactions can they? and WHO SIGNED OFF ON A ZERO LIABILITY ANYTHING when it will do far greater harm than the virus itself anyway?!?!?! in fact if even 1 person had an adverse event in normal circumstances the experiments should have stopped but in disguise of the emergency which is now becoming a medical technocracy we are being forced to contend with a lot of things NOT GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH and that is troubling to say the least, and many still are in utter sheer denial since the companies got the get out of jail free card from our governments!!! is unconscionable and SHOCKING to say the least...and it is time to really arm our heart, soul, and mind with tools of understanding to stand in the face of the most important battle of our lives which is happening RIGHT NOW. yes my friends we are in the beginning of CIVIL WAR of our HEALTH SOVEREIGNTY!!!! this war is not being fought with guns and bombs BUT WITH MICROBES AND BIOWEAPONS, and our governments are not fighting an invisible enemy when they are siding with the big pharma for zero liability... we all are in need of defending our Health Sovereignty and truly understanding what it is they are enforcing into our lives. =we are in need to know all the facts and we need to become armed with knowledge that is not propaganda and is based in real science and knowledge not being used against us. This video is aimed at this effect. to help you understand what we are up against and how to begin to process this reality. with more knowledge comes more insight into what can you do for your own life, and how we can take accountability for our lives and those we care about around us. ~ASD
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