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The Truth is out there and can no longer be contained. Primary Prevention Practitioner NOW OFFERS private viewing and Personalized Medicine COMBO for now into the foreseeable future.


Because nothing helps me reach you faster than hearing the services i offer confirmed in the voices of many many professionals who are my allies in our journey to help others find and ENABLE their own WELLNESS.

WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR MY WELLNESS EXPERTISE i Ay Ses Dunya, carry your mind through using The Proven to ensure you understand the FULL SCOPE OF THE POWER WE ARE ABOUT TO UNLEASH BACK INTO YOUR LIFE.

it is just as the Good With said to  Dorothy "You had the Magic to get back to your own ALL ALONG."

Wellness is not a Vax or an Opioid, it is not. Those are most often emergency allopathy medicine. And when you are in an Emergency that is great, but we are not a place PRIMARY PREVENTION PRACTITIONER that is geared towards treating EMERGENCY cases so much as we are geared in our approach to treating CHRONIC CONDITIONS. So it is WONDERFUL to see this AMAZING series coming out TO EDUCATE us further, who work in the field, as well as to HELP US BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ALLOPATHY AND THE REST OF THE INTEGRATIVE PERSONALISED MEDICINES OUT THERE IN THE TRADITIONAL HEALING ARTS that has been around for centuries and is BACKED BY SCIENCE.

so join us, while we share this Series with our PRIMARY PREVENTION PRACTITIONER's Clinic clientele, as we help you see how you can ENABLE your Wellness into BEING a REALITY. Here is a clip from PROVEN...

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All Videos

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Definitely worth getting into AT LENGTH...

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