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my old website mainframe prior to this amazing incarnation still deserves to be seen;
Lozen Lotus Love main clinic information page

One of my MAIN STAPLES in my CLINIC as a form of PASSIVE Vibrational Energy Medicine;
Sacred Chakra Stones, Custom renewed jewellery line & Crystal Therapy

I have been a Musician my entire life therefore of course my music is in here;
AySes Musician for Hire

Rrustic Services~ Refurbishing projects and Home decor DIY ideas and shared end results

Mz. AySes Tarot Reading Emporium of wonder as a Certified Angel Card Reader with over 60 different decks

Pharaoh Ferral Apparel ~ Renewed, Refurbished Bags, Clothing, & Accessories~ Holly Hobby= custom orders only

Cleo's Cloak and Dazzle~ Clothing line custom made per client

Screen Printing for Nails~ cuz sometimes we all need a little something special ^_^

Eterny~ The Ay Ses Dunya Mascot~ who watches over all these projects and more~ AD's logo if you will

Purrr Fumes~ Ay Ses Dunya's Art for the Senses~ Aromatheraphy Design line of fragrances

What Ay Ses Says~ Current events of interest Ay Ses just wants to share

OrganicxNotionz ~Ay Ses Dunya's CUSTOM ONLY= made per order *FRESH~Organic skin care line and products

88 Praha, Who I am & Where I was ~ Chronicles the 2009 Show of Photography, Digital Art Prints that Ay Ses Dunya created while on Tour with her 5th Music Album Fractured Balance

M. A. L. L. ~ Ay Ses Dunya sees this as a long term project with a larger scope as an online multi media GALLERY

Munay Ki EarthKeepers Workshops & Cards~ ONLINE & IRL services now avail.

PERSONAL CARE WELLNESS WORKER- Hire Ay Ses to be on call for you 24/7 in order to finely tune your Wellness regime.


Contributions= Ay Ses is more then just a 3 dimensional being= she is living in a MULTIVERSE;

All Songs on Soundcloud from Ay Ses Dunya

Products for Sale COMING SOON

1st book and only Book published online by Ay Ses Dunya with Scribd, called Rrustic Reason

Ay Ses Dunya main Myspace page with songs from 2nd album called The Pussykat

1st Music album of Ay Ses called Ay- Acappella

3rd Music album of Ay Ses called Me, Myself, & Ay Ses

4th Music album of Ay Ses called Mschv

5th Music album of Ay Ses called Fractured Balance

Ay Ses Dunya Profile on Reverbnation

Ay Ses Dunya Profile on Mixcloud (in progress of creating)


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