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of the Munay Ki

                Presently we are ever beginning our 9 Rites of the Munay Ki check our Mo'Services  for a list of not only our SERVICES, but ALSO OUR SPIRIT CLASSES 
PLEASE NOTE my creation of companion
is what i offer the world in reflection of these magnificant 9 Rites of the Munay Ki. These are beautiful Rites of Sacredness and soon we will be providing an online Course line for  9*RITES OF THE MUNAY KI so please inquire if you are interested in taking classes but need the ONLINE option rather than our currently listed IRL clinic location option which is where we are currently working from. I also have the Oracle Deck in black and white to allow you to colour them in and interrupt them in your own customised personalised manner BECAUSE WE KNOW THE POWER OF YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN MAKING MAGIC HAPPEN
=Infusing your own deck with your own mojo by way of colouring them in is a sure-fire way to level up these divination tools in order to grow your craft as a shamanic creator of further positive manifestations you wish to seek in your life. We are very pleased to share these with you and if you are curious to take all the 9 Rites and as well invest in gaining these companion cards for your practice i will offer a discount on the entire package.
EMAIL for details

***Also to note= Ay Ses is also a Spiritual Priestess for last several yrs with an ONLINE TEMPLE OF TESUA as well as Spirit Working Services available=
!!! both personal as well as Corporate group functions available Both online & IRL =Ay Ses is here to take care to others with the utmost discretion and respects the work you do in the world~>
In fact, Ay Ses is here to help you become so enabled and into your grove that the Healing River in your life lasts as long as you wish it to further supporting your job and your livelihood~> to learn more about her Metaphysical Services, or if you would like to visit her Spiritual Online Temple of Tesua 
=The online variety of websites and platforms within our umbrella system in our virtually crafted community is to endeavour to offer services in both the Holistic Body & Mind as well as the Spiritual SHEN/QI/ENERGY/SOULFOOD way,
THE WHOLISM HOLISTIC MEDICINE APPROACH WITH TECHNIQUES THAT ARE ANCIENT, NONINVASIVE, & INTERACTIVE (meaning you are a huge partner in this thing we call Healing Work and our job is to help you fulfill your own self as we help empower you and assist in your guided healing sessions until you meet the goal you were working on attaining.) -in order to go together or find out if we work together a preliminary interviewing format has been adopted. For it is KEY that we are a fit energetically/kindred spirits we have met a few in order for me to be the most effective at my job. As a big part of helping usher in good currents of Positive Health & Wellness a strong centering FOCUS and CONNECTION needs to be established to be the most effective. This is not a co-dependent operation. I am not here to gain false confidence and we do not want you to be dependent on the Healthcare we provide. We want to effective promote your Health and enable your Healing potential forwards to the goals you assign. HOWEVER, and yet, sometimes, as it happens, we may not or do not fit/ or on the same page (not vibing) Please do not panic, we are always going to guide each who crosses our path to the best fit possible. Even if it is not with PR3= B/C OUR WORK IS TO HELP YOU DECIPHER THE COMPLEXITIES AND HELP ENABLE YOUR GROWTH FORWARD TO UNDERSTAND TRUE HEALING CORE VALUES= if your case is not for PR3 we will be sure to help you find the place that DOES WORK FOR YOU =  The intermixing of all this and more is the complexity of our nature as human beings, is it not? Therefore WHY SHOULDN'T HEALTHCARE BE ANY DIFFERENT? YOU ARE NOT ALONE, Life is complicated, so is our health and wellness patterns, so is our happiness gage at times in our stress full working world of Western Civilizations of the 21st Century, But my DARLINGS YOU ARE NEVER ALONE WITH AY SES ON YOUR TEAM.

And please also note that we are not infallible in our shares and finds, so if you find some erroneous area ANYWHERE ON THIS UMBRELLA PLATFORM =on this site= that is having a mistake or mistaken please CONTACT US & we will gladly correct the errors of our ways. We are after all here to Service you better! Quality matters here. We thank you for your continued show of support and your visit today.
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