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Shamanic Rites

of the Munay Ki

                Presently we are beginning our breakdown of these 9 Rites and will be listed in these coming days all the levels that are available.
INCLUDING my newest creation of companion MUNAY KI EARTH KEEPER GUIDANCE CARDS that i offer in black and white to allow you to colour and interrupt them in your own customised personalised manner. Infusing your own deck with your mojo is a sure fire way to level up these divination tools in order to grow your craft as a shamanic creator of positive manifestation. We are very pleased to share these with you and if you are curious to take all the 9 Rites and as well invest in gaining these companion cards for your practice i will offer a discount on the entire package.
EMAIL for details
***Also to note= Ay Ses is a Spiritual Priestess & Personal Wellness Worker for others. Both online & IRL. ~>to learn more about her Metaphysical Services, or if you would like to visit her Spiritual Online Temple of Tesua The endeavour is to offering services in both the Holistic & the Spiritual, BOTH go together and yet sometimes they do not fit on the same page but are more lending to one another all the same. The intermixing of all this and more is the complexity of our nature as humane beings.
And please also note that we are not infallible in our shares and finds, so if you find some erroneous area on this sight that is having a mistake or mistaken please CONTACT US & we will gladly correct the errors of our ways. We are after all here to Service you better! Quality matters here. We thank you for your continued show of support and your visit today.
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