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We are having an ongoing Fundraiser effort towards gaining a Sacred Space ~outdoor Ceremonial Tipi~ please join us in raising funds for this state of the art -Durable, Sustainable, & Longterm Tipi that will allow our humble Women's Clinic to add ceremonies of Healing for Private use during Trauma Recoveries

Hello, good day & thank you to our wonderful beginning of 2020, for the work you do to help so many. Every person you help is a blessing to us all as it creates a movement of positive in a sea of difficulties that all of us experience and work with to make improvements where we can.


I humbly ask an audience with you on behalf of my women’s Holistic practice. I am located in Burlington. We managed to gain the residence of a house on the Lakeshore, from a local church where my husband~ who has fully supported my work & to whom i am seriously grateful for= all of which has helped build my practice in this new location, which is my 3rd location in my 8th year of practice and by far the most rewarding. The years have been quiet as i have slowly acquired/gained a college (& university) degree as well as many certifications in several healing modalities.


All that i have done has been working towards helping= first teach & heal my own self, as well as fulfilling my commitment towards women’s wellness, in general, = I never refuse a woman who cannot pay and therefore the majority of the work I do ends up being probono but it is what it is (EVERY WOMAN NEEDS MORE CARE THAN SHE ASSUMES & EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET IS SUFFERING FROM SOME FORM OF INTERNAL TRAUMA) and therefore i am super thank-full to be able to provide this outlet and venue for the women i can help.I LOVE MY JOB/CAREER/LIFE'S WORK=THIS IS MY JOB AND CAREER, BUT ALSO MY MISSION & LIFELINE WHICH IS A BONUS SIDE= & Due to having my practice attached to my main residence= it has been affordable to BE ABLE to proceed~> using the Sliding Scale Template and this helps the women whom i am delighted to serve but also it helps me to be able to help float my humble women's clinic for as long as i have it ( i plan on being in this business for the remainder of my life, pray that it be long) and this is the longterm mission that i have put all my effort into providing.


               My life path is what i am on~ so i am dedicated to the long-term efforts of what i wish to provide for my clinic,
1) for the women 
i assist,

2) for the community i live beside, &

3) for the efforts of laying in some more positive social grid maps to contribute to our societal collaborations for the betterment of our species= help usher in as much light and positive waves of healing as possible into the world, one woman at a time.


However, that being said I come to a place where I wish to be able to make a large purchase investment for my clinic to help serious healing of deep wounds that women have incurred in their lives. In order to do this, I need a strong, stable, long-term enclosure for outside, which is moveable and durable to have the ceremonies on the Earth wherever we need them to be, that is enclosed to offer privacy to these women who are in recovery and are healing. *Rape, Pedo-Survivors, & Trauma victims all need a great deal of Earth Grounding and Healing ceremonies from our experiences. This is done best when performed and held on the Ground level. **I WOULD LIKE TO ALSO SHARE AND POINT OUT THAT IN GENERAL EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET IS IN NEED OF SOME HEALING, OR REGENERATING OF WHICH MY HOLISTIC WHOLISM APPROACH IS WORKING ON TO HELP USHER IN DEEPER HEALING THAT IS DONE THRU EARTHING TREATMENTS AND THIS IS THE METHOD AND FORMULA I AM LOOKING TO MAKE HAPPEN TO BE EFFECTIVE IN THE WONDERFUL WORK WE HAVE BEFORE US.


After much research, I have found what I believe is the right fit not only for my backyard but also in its versatility long-term and it's lifetime warranty. IT IS A TIPI STYLE ALL-WEATHER TENT. IT SITS ON THE GROUND OR CAN BE RAISED UP TO MAKE A CANOPY WHEN NOT BEING USED IN A PRIVATE CAPACITY. IT COMES WITH ACCESSORIES LIKE A STOVE AND FLOORING AND IS MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME...However, this enclosure, which is called a tipi tent, is not cheap WHICH IS WHY I AM REACHING OUT SEEKING ASSISTANCE FROM THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY because this TIPI is an investment-asset we need that will make a huge difference as i am realizing i desperately need a securable outdoor private space to carry out my forms of Holistic and traditional treatments in order to promote and help ensure successful care to the women who come to PR3.
















click link to learn more


& NOW MORE ABOUT THE TARGET GOAL ASSET WE ARE REQUESTING HELP TO ACQUIRE=This Tipi Tent is from the company called Mansfield Outdoors, and the model we are seeking funds to acquire for Primary Prevention Practitioner Ay Ses Dunya's Women’s Holistic Practice is called Zirkonflex 15 cp= it can turn from a private enclosure into a canopy for events and has the capacity to seat 15ppl. The Eldfell wood-burning stoves (that is ordered separately,) is just one of the many additions that were created for this enclosure that make it unique and fortified against long cool and cold seasons in Canada. 


PLEASE HELP=I seek funding to purchase this enclosure and the needed accessories for it, in order to become a fully functional healing space for the women who are getting treatment and whom are quite often not able to pay the number of sessions, or variety of different methods of treatments that is required to help bring about REAL CHANGE FOR EVERY WOMAN that is treated here an PR3= whatever they require & whom often are using the method to trade, or light clinic cleaning duties=My practice is cash poor but trades rich. & My sliding scalability comes at a cost that is spiritually very rewarding BUT the downside is that it has left PR3 to be very very limited in a few ways that albeit I am not having a cash flow presence currently (over the last 8 years) but i do have trades of many skills & am a qualified Healthcare Professional so, therefore, = I help ENABLE woman to not only to initiate waves of self-care but also helping them seriously heal from traumas, regain and maintain dailies, as well as gifting each woman with long-term assets & tools they can use to usher in whatever wellness in their lifestyle they are seeking and require.  YOUR HELP IS HELPING ME HELP OTHERS FOR THE LONG TERM IN MANY MANY WAYS YOU CANNOT IMAGINE.


GIVING THANKS= I wish to convey that I feel blessed to be in a safe country with clean water and no bombs dropping or escalated violence. And yet there are women here including myself who are survivors of serious and complex PTSD, depression, chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, strained and stressed single mothers with abusive spouses... all of these and more are the conditions I am helping women heal from. I want to create in this new location a community feeling of a sanctuary and gaining-acquiring this Tipitent would greatly improve the number of healing services I have to offer. 


some BACKGROUND UPDATES= I just finished a degree in acupuncture from Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and am also currently working on two doctrines from UMS University of Metaphysical Sciences. With over 25 certifications in several healing integrative medicine modalities, my life mission is to move forward with my efforts to help and be a help to those women in need.


Funding cost request breakdown; you can DONATE/SPONSOR DIRECTLY via PAYPAL by CONTACTING us

or follow the links to Each item we are seeking to gain and purchase them directly to have them delivered from Mansfield to our location by Emailing this man Thomas Mansfield (please note price changes are often in flux from season to season)

Zirkonflex 15 cp= $4,832.90

Eldfell tent stove 15= $1,597.66

Inner-tent 9 pro= $2,117.75

Tent floor 9 pro= $962.84

Tent porch 9 cp= $1,020.21

Central Pole pro 15= $280.62

Tent pole plate = $18.71


Total cost before taxes and shipping

= $10,830.69 (again, please note the flux on prices will change the overall costs i am seeking to find funding for but this is the basic amount for certain based on the website when i started seeking assistance)


Please, I implore you, would you help our humble space and women’s Holistic Practice gain this healing space? This letter is my effort and intention to find fundraising. I am a Qualified Holistic Healthcare Professional working out of her own space trying to provide serious waves of healing for all the women who come to my clinic.


I am completely new to fundraising for my own business but I have done fundraising shows and events for abused women and children in the past for over a decade so I am familiar in the patience and commitment that is required. ANYTHING YOU CAN HELP AND DONATE TO THIS CAUSE WOULD BE SO AMAZING> THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO IN THIS EFFORT, even simply taking the time to read my proposal for help...every energetic loving hope that we can gain the funding here is just as meaningful as the donations others can afford. If you know of a company or grant that would be specifically able to help, please contact me directly. PRIMARY PREVENTION PRACTITIONER WOMEN'S HOLISTIC CLINIC NEEDS YOUR HELP.


THANK YOU to for my virtual PENPALS on the WORLDWIDE WEB & please let me know= tell me what you need from my small space in order to facilitate this request forward. THIS IS A SERIOUS MISSION WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS!!! We are an open book here. And it is greatly appreciated whatever help you can offer. Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to your reply.



Ay Ses Dunya

Licensed Holistic Practitioner

and graduate of Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, working on a Doctrine in Metaphysical Sciences,

as well as Association member of both the Canadian Reiki Association & the Qi Gong Federation

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