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                                                         In the waves of fear-mongering media storms regarding coronavirus, while ignoring the dengue fever in the more tropical countries, as well as being in the aftermath of SARS & Ebola some research has been going on... We must resist the need to PANIC in times like these. Time to arm ourselves with understanding and devise ways to promote better health. I have discovered in my own Research for self-preservation a great deal of help online to learn about the following;

UPDATE= Michel Chretien, related to former Prime Minister, with his Montreal team is now the Canadian led Doctor and scientists team to be called to lead the Coronavirus Covid-19 trials for his hypothesis discoveries that Quercetin is a WIDE SPECTRUM ANTIVIRAL.  Check out our full page of links and video on Michel Chretien HERE.
Currently, we use & recommend the BIOACTIVE QUERCETIN so worth investing time to get to know.

Along with your usual supporting hers; Echinacea and Elderberry don't forget about the power of the Antiviral, antifungal Pau D'arco. Meanwhile...

Apparently Mannose-Binding Lectic levels in our body determine whether or not we survive such strong super virus creations that are creating an epidemic level of sickness and death around the world currently. 





LED ME TO BE introduced to the Mannose-Binding Lectin=


WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?= leading me to seek out plants and herbs and essential oils that can harness antiviral effects to become further resistant to these bioweapons=


Here is the list of the mannose-binding plant lectins that were antiviral against both the SARS and FIPV viruses from the research: BTW= Plants to have surrounding your property that is antiviral are helpful to discouraging airborne aspects of some contagious situations just as foods and drinks with Mannose-Binding Lectin can raise your own levels inside.

  • Amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrid) = indoor and outdoor plant

  • Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) = garden white flowers plant

  • Daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) =  standard garden favorite and also an essential oil

  • Red spider lily (Lycoris radiate) = a beautiful garden plant to consider!!!

  • Leek (Allium porrum) = a great food for stirfry or soups. get creative, try it in sour cream and leek muffins.

  • Ramsons (Allium ursinum) = wild garlic, therefore, i suspect reg. Garlic works too

  • Taro (Colocasia esculenta) = root potato type food from Hawaiian culture

  • Cymbidium orchid (Cymbidium hybrid) = another indoor orchid for Canada weather

  • Twayblade (Listera ovata) = Icelandic Medicine is also essential oil

  • Broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine) = indoor Orchid species that grows in Canadian Soil.

  • Tulip (Tulipa hybrid) =Garden plant as well an essential oil exists for this

  • Black mulberry tree (Morus Nigra) =available as tea leaves and dried black mulberries

The other plant lectins that were antiviral against both included:

  • Tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacum) =an essential oil exists for this.

  • Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) = available in teas

Here are the plants whose lectins that were antiviral but not against both viruses:

Note that both of these coronaviruses, SARS and FIPV and extremely virulent because of their envelopment with glycoproteins that protect the virus against many agents as well as provide a means into the cell. RESEARCH THIS


WHAT DOES TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE RECOMMEND FOR COVID-19? source Eastern Currents COVID-19 Status Report & Risk Management 


By way of disclaimer, it is important to bear in mind that the Chinese government has not made and will not be making any official recommendations about using Chinese herbs for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. To be clear, in all countries and regions, individuals with suspected exposure should report to their local health officials and strictly observe strategies that control the spread of the disease. [See the first WHO link below on “Recommendations for Protective Measures”.


As a general precaution for “Flu Season” (any time there is a statistically high incidence rate of viral infections), the most important strategy to avoiding getting sick is, of course, AVOID EXPOSURE. The specifics of how to avoid exposure are the same for Eastern and Western medicine. For the sake of brevity, I would return your attention once more to the first WHO link below for “protective measures.” 


But Chinese Medicine provides a second strategy, which should never be used by itself: only in conjunction with observing the recommended precautions to avoid exposure. For many centuries, Chinese traditional medicine has utilized various methods of fortifying our bodies’ natural protection against external pathogens. In Chinese, this protection is known as the “upright qi,” “anti-pathogenic qi,” or zheng qi. In modern medicine, this closely corresponds to the concept of immunity. The anti-pathogenic qi can be enhanced with qigong, supported by diet, fortified with herbal formulas, and regulated by managing stressors to our immune system. 




Poor quality sleep, high-stress levels, overworking, inflammatory and phlegm-producing diets all diminish our capacity to fight off invading pathogens. It is important to make corrections in these areas if we wish to increase the strength of our anti-pathogenic qi. A pamphlet on managing stressors can be found on our website (after logging in) under educational resources.




The best dietary advice traditional medicine has to offer involves the cultivation of deep, nourishing hydration. This cannot be accomplished merely by drinking more water. Deep, nourishing hydration comes from eating clean foods that are hot, “wet,” and relatively easy to digest, such as broth soups (not cream-based or pureed) and porridges for breakfast. Vietnamese phô is a good example of a food that provides deep, nourishing hydration. 

Best to avoid:


  1. Dehydrating foods like alcohol, carbonated beverages, and caffeine

  2. Phlegm-producing and inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, and overly spicy foods

  3. Eating between meals. Give the digestion a chance to make strong qi and rest




SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is another form of coronavirus. In 2003-2004, when SARS was the most prominent virus on the world’s epidemic watch, 3 studies were conducted among medical staff taking preventative herbs. In total the studies included a few thousand participants.


In all three of these studies, not one of the participants who took the preventative herbs contracted SARS.[ii],[iii],[iv] This is quite a remarkable statistic! But it is important not to leap to assumptions about the success of similar formulas against COVID-19. Still, it may be worth taking a look at these and similar herbal strategies that fortify the anti-pathogenic qi/boost the immune system. 


The main herbal formula used in the study during the SARS epidemic was a combination of 2 commonly used formulas, Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Windscreen Formula) and Sang Ju Yin (Mulberry and Chrysanthemum Combination). The action of the former is to fortify the anti-pathogenic qi against the exterior.


The latter formula clears heat and keeps the lungs free. Variations always included the Jade Windscreen Formula but substituted anti-toxin and other heat-clearing herbs in place of the Sang Ju Yin. Common anti-toxin herbs found to be successful were forsythia fruit (lian qiao), chrysanthemum flower (ju hua), and honeysuckle flower (jin yin hua). 


1st) gentle REMINDER= burning sage destroys 99.5% of airborne bacteria and contagions 



2nd) these 2 recipes are an active part of my current PREVENTION CARE
which i offer for your consumption to share as you will with all in need of something more than scary articles of news. These recipes are for you, freely for sharing, as i wish you and yours and everyone wellness and peace of mind in these times of great added stresses which actually work against our immune system and cause further vulnerability. after doing years of work and education and research these matters have become a part of my mission to aid others;




Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle UPDATED ADDITIONS

Mulberry leaves, and or dried black mulberries
Nettle tea
Elderberry tea
& a few Juniper Berries

add a couple of teaspoons of KRISDA brand stevia found in Sobeys.

(we have also added Ginseng and Pau D'arco which does not take from the pleasant taste.)


we are also enjoying and encourage others to buy some Taro, 

a tuber found in BIG CARROT for example, in Toronto Ontario, as well as Wild Garlic in season but i also believe scapes or garlic are also good here in season of course, and some good batch of Leeks, add some potatoes, maybe a red pepper, touch of tamari and enjoy dressing up your Potato leek soup with Taro either alone or once creamed add thinly sliced kale and german smoked sausage (if you are not vegetarian or vegan otherwise there is always tofu sausages to consider)if you are so inclined. Enjoy by seasoning accordingly. i also like to add white miso, dill, rosemary, and basil with several oils to choose from such as Olive oil, Sesame Oil, And or Coconut oil. Creativity is the Mother of Invention.


= IN OTHER WORDS, i believe i have found some readily available PREVENTION CARE PRACTICES 
of foods/herbs for the common man/woman/child/elder online and want to actively share this to add to your good hygiene and echinacea supplementals you have going on currently. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER THAT PROPER SLEEP IS A HUGE FACTOR IN DAILY AVAILABLE LEVELS OF IMMUNITY TO YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORs. 


=in order to arm ourselves with something good to drink and to eat, as well as essential oils to use daily and plants to grow around our homes (in balanced proportions with plants such as Sage, & Lavender a great many summer pests can be avoided and good herbal harvest to smudge and use in skincare and wellness teas can be introduced. ALWAYS DO RESEARCH AND GET PROFESSIONAL ADVISEMENT BEFORE TESTING INTERNAL CONCOCTIONS.

=to further help and promote healthy active levels of Mannose-Binding Lectin to prevent illness, & in order to work towards helping our own levels of MANNOSE-BINDING LECTIN to rise, we must be active in adding these ingredients best we can, along with all our usual suspects of GOOD HYGIENE= WASH UP REGULARLY, avoid sick coughing sneezing persons and if must process closeness wash yourself thoroughly immediately with Vitabath tablets in your bath you can greatly cleanse the Chlorination and boost your immune system into healthy activation. Which has been seen to be so far as i can tell, in my professional opinion a major key to LIVING PAST these infectious diseases & surviving with good health and sanity in these stream of the uprising of a lot of misinformation in the world of media currently feels like something worth sharing as an alternative that is more a hopeful outlook therefore of something to work towards and add to our routines instead of just panic bound reactions that spike our immune systems and cause havoc on our stress levels. 

3)another helpful immune system support is a brilliant formula called Immune 7 by Purica which is several mushroom compounds that are premium protection from unwellness in flu or cold or virus forms.

remember to practice safe distance of a meter from all who are sick and if someone does sneeze on you wash thoroughly.

4)Lavender essential oil is great as it is a wonderful soothing calming aromatherapy as well as being antiviral, antibacterial in nature= great for using to make household cleaners, as well as to make you own DIY lavender hand sanitizer


  1. 30 drops lavender essential oil

  2. 15 drops pure tea tree essential oil

  3. 1 Tablespoon witch hazel extract

  4. 8 ounces 100% pure aloe vera gel

  5. ¼ teaspoon Vitamin E oil – a natural preservative to increase shelf life and soften hands


  1. In a glass bowl add aloe vera gel. Mix in lavender oil tea tree oil witch hazel and vitamin E oil. Mix until well combined. Using a small funnel, transfer to a pump container. Shake gently before use. Sanitizer should last several months with the addition of Vitamin E to help preserve.


  1. Note: Tea Tree oil is very strong and definitely an acquired scent! I would recommend smelling it before purchasing to make sure you like it. BUT NOTE IT IS A VERY POWERFUL ANTIVIRAL AGENT as is LAVENDER


Adapted from DIY Natural


4) LONG TERM INVESTMENT SUGGESTION= The body that is acidic is often the most unwell. In order to find a balanced PH and regain Alkalinity within our body takes altering our diets for the better, but even if you do all that your body may still be struggling to not have indigestion or heartburn or acid belly, Here is where investing in a WATER SYSTEM is CRUCIAL to helping that body of yours level up.


                                   Therefore we suggest such systems as BEST WATER INC, which was partners in the beginning with Kangen Water but broke off and started their own company with much more affordable units for the great Alkalinity Water value. They have both Tap water conversion units as well as Showerheads. And their Economic pricetag gifts you peace of mind that does not kill your yearly budget and returns you tenfold with benefits. None the least is helping your body become resistant to becoming weakened by stress and wear and tear of busy schedules where it is hard or difficult to always maintain healthy habits and self-care practices.


Let us be honest, not everyone even gifts themselves a massage often enough, let alone sitting with a health calculator trying to see if you ate or digested enough levels of alkaline foods in order to help your body stay proactive. This is where having an alkaline water system like BEST WATER INC is truly a small miracle in a vast world of wonders.

All the best. Happy 2020 & all that Jazz. Hope you find this informative and helpful.


As the Father of Modern Medicine stated; LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE.

GOT QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR CONCERNS ??? We want to hear from you 

Sincerely yours,

& to whom it concerns;

with deepest respects,

Blessed be & Amma Iset,

All my relations,

Deepest Munay,

~Ay Ses 'Feather Flower' Dunya

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